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Therapeutic Horseback Riding

It's why we're here!   Pegasus Springs was founded by Barb & Dennis Clare to be a source of Hope, Healing, Growth & Respite to many, especially those with special needs having physical or cognitive disabilities.  What was a dream inspired by the Holy Spirit, is now a reality for many individuals seeking the kind of help that only horses can bring!

Every program that is offered at Pegasus Springs, whether it be our Private & Group Riding Lessons, Day Camps, Women's Retreats,  and many other events are funding streams for the basis of our mission, and that is to offer Equine Assisted Activities, Equine Assisted Therapies and other modalities to strengthen the mind, body and soul for those living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD, and a host of other conditions.

We begin this year with private and group lessons with these individuals, and will grow our program around the needs represented in our community of Iosco County and surrounding counties.

Thank you for your support of Pegasus Springs!

Sessions are 4 weeks long  with morning, afternoon, & early evening options available.

All sessions are paid in advance.  Payment will be requested once we receive your registration & necessary forms.

**For the safety of our riders, horses, and volunteers, we adhere to our Veterinarian’s recommendations for height and weight ratios listed. Questions, please contact us.

**Under 5’0”  tall = 150lbs

​                 5’0” -6'0” = 170lbs

    or at the discretion of the instructor


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