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Fees & Schedules for Therapeutic Riding

Thank you for your trust in Pegasus Springs Therapeutic Riding Center to bring hope, healing, growth and respite

to you or your family member.  The fees are the same for any disability, be it physical, cognitive or emotional.

We do require forms be filled out, including a doctor's statement,

and your application must be approved by our instructor(s),

and the applicant must meet the criteria we have established

for the safety and well-being of all involved.

In addition, each rider must attend an intake assessment (at no charge)

to assure that our riding program is a good fit for them & us.

      Intake Assessments are by appointment and a FREE

This years dates are June 8, 9 & 10


**For the safety of our riders, horses, instructors and volunteers,

we adhere to our Veterinarian’s recommendations

for height and weight ratios listed. Questions, please contact us.

**Under 5’0”  tall = 150 lbs or 5’0” -6'0” = 170 lbs, 

or at the discretion of the instructor



  1. Contact us by email or phone 989-820-1787 to set up an Intake Assessment

  2. COMPLETE REQUIRED APPLICATION & DOCUMENTS  Mail or bring to your intake appt.

  3. ATTEND AN INTAKE ASSESSMENT. Our office will schedule your session

  4. PAY ONLINE For the total lessons you want to reserve (usually a 6-week session)


Financial Aid:   We attempt to assist families or individuals needing financial assistance with our therapeutic riding sessions.  We may be able to offer partial scholarships for those that qualify.  Please contact Barb Clare, Executive Director, to learn how we can assist you.

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