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Our Vision

Job 12:7-10 7  "But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you.

Pegasus -  The pterippus, or winged horse symbolizes     power &          mobility,

                       aspiring to the greatest heights of accomplishment                                                                                    

When founders Barb & Dennis Clare moved north from SW Michigan and retired on the edge of the Huron National Forest in 2016, a warm & generous community welcomed them "home".  As they settled in, sharing with their large family, meeting neighbors and new friends, and enjoying the forest around them, they connected with nature and listened to God's gentle whisper that this acreage was meant for something more.

The trees cried out for the laughter of children.  The birds sang songs of renewed hope.  The wildlife demonstrated its ever-changing circle of life and gave pause to the beauty of nature. 

Giving their acreage a name declared that it would benefit the community of individuals and their families in need of it most.  The Clare’s followed their trust in God’s calling to serve people of all faiths who would benefit from the hope, healing, growth & respite that Pegasus Springs can bring.  Join us in celebrating what God can do!

The Flying Red Horse is a symbol and trademark of Mobil Oil & Mobil Pipeline Company, Barb's father's employer for his lifetime.  "I grew up with this symbol, and would find out later in life just what it would mean for me.  My parent's legacy made this possible."  Barb's brother Doug, died too early from the disabling diseases of Parkinson's & Muscular Dystrophy.  "If only my brother were still here and able to receive the healing benefits of therapeutic riding."

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