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   Divorce, Bereavement & Loss Therapy

Children who are dealing with the loss of a parent or sibling need a special kind of care.  At times, the emotional pain can seem insurmountable, and we want to ease their hurting, but just can't find a way.  Time does indeed help to ease the emotional scars of loss, but during the most difficult times, we feel lost in our efforts to help them.


Divorce can affect children in much the same way.  The loss of a family unit can be devastating.  These children are 'at-risk' and time is critical for helping them grasp what is happening and how to best handle the barrage of emotions they will deal with at any age.


Most hospice organizations have a Bereavement Program to help all family members, and families should indeed utilize this service to help them cope. 

Pegasus Springs has plans to offer an additional therapy to individuals and groups suffering a profound loss.  The simple act of standing next to a horse, grooming one, or riding one, can affect change.  We hope to partner with several area hospice organizations to bring this specialized therapy to Iosco County.  Have your therapist or counselor contact us.

Please contact us if you are a licensed therapist in Iosco County

seeking this type of modality for helping your clients.

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