Mirror, Mirror ...

Therapeutic Riding was, is, and always will be the basis of our mission.  The Horse is our tool to assist with breakthroughs in cognitive, physical & emotional disabilities.  We couldn't do this without them!  These beautiful ladies each have a unique gift, just as each of us do.  They give of themselves fully, and teach us about ourselves. 

30 yr old
Our elegant Queen of the Herd.  Sadie went over the Rainbow Bridge in the Fall of 2022.  We will miss her and all the people she helped since the beginning of our Center in 2018
 18 yr old
Curious & playful, she's everyone's favorite go-to.  Shelby loves singing and guitar strumming, and getting your attention!
13 yr old
Our spunky little Princess has the ability to bring out first words in our non-verbal kids!
She is very independent with a side of sassiness!
holly 4.jpg
14 yr older
Smart & photogenic, Holly shines as a therapy pony!
Holly got us started in our therapeutic program.  She's a confident horse.