Since August 2020, we offer our program,

Huron Heroes & Horses,

for Veterans' suffering from PTSD with our very own Mental Health Therapy Model

to give hope to our Military Veterans

who have given us so much!


Contact your local county

Veterans Affairs Coordinator

to initiate your appointment.


There is no charge to you or your

family for our service.

It’s the least we can do for you.


Thank You for your sacrifice

in service to our Country

Huron Heroes & Horses

 U.S. Military Veterans Program

(989) 820.1787

Points to Consider for our Veterans:


  • Our veterans are never charged for the services we provide them and their families.


  • Safe, private, peaceful environment with horses, a mental health specialist, and equine specialist.


  • Typically, the first session consists of the herd with a mental health specialist and equine specialist and the Veteran(s) in an open space giving them each a chance to go out and get to know the herd.


  • Sessions are one hour, usually with up to five return visits.


  • Family sessions are available.


  • Group therapy is more productive, while some individuals will want a private session.


  • Greatest acceptance happens when other veterans invite a friend.


  • Veterans are more at ease working together and leaning on each other, while building new networks with other vets.


  • Other activities for bonding & decompressing can be arranged after a group workshop.


  • Opportunities are available for our vets to volunteer and continue coming to the farm.


  • Equine Psychotherapy no-show Rate is less than 2%, far below the national average.


  • “When I’m with the horses, the suicidal thoughts go away.”


  • Non-traditional setting that doesn’t feel like “therapy”.


  • Herd dynamics help clients understand their own lives.


  • The horse's reactions provide unbiased and real time feedback.


  • All sessions work from the ground (unmounted).


  • Pre-determined goals aren’t addressed, unless needed for the grant.


  • The client tends to find their own path to healing with the aid of the horses and specialists.

Send a Veteran to our program
Anything you can offer,
helps us to help them! 
Cost is $440 for a typical session

To learn more call our office at (989) 820.1787 or visit the Contact Us page

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