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Volunteers are a gift to our community!

2024 VOLUNTEER OPEN HOUSE  May 4, 2024  10:00am-1:00pm


PSTRC operates as a non-profit organization, with our mission deeply rooted in community service. Our ability to provide essential services at affordable rates hinges on the invaluable support of volunteers like you. Engaging with us offers an opportunity for deeply rewarding volunteer work, potentially becoming your most fulfilling role yet!

You'll have the opportunity to forge close connections with horses, an experience that's deeply fulfilling. The camaraderie among fellow volunteers creates a sense of belonging to something larger than ourselves. Your involvement will directly improve the lives of individuals grappling with physical, emotional, or cognitive challenges, making a profound difference. In addition, you'll acquire valuable skills and experiences that can enrich various aspects of your life.

Training is an essential requirement for roles directly involving horses.  You'll gain the skills to confidently interact and work with them. While this work can be demanding, it is also very rewarding. Regardless of the weather, if it's scorching hot or bitterly cold, rain or shine, we come together and have a wonderful time.  

If you're more inclined towards indoor activities and possess previous experience relevant to our indirect roles, this could be your opportunity to answer our call for volunteers. Indirect roles are equally vital as direct horse-related roles in ensuring the organization's success. Indirect roles offer more flexibility in location, including hybrid or remote options.  

​Experience with horses is not required; the more time you spend around the barn, the more you'll learn! However, for direct horse-related roles, we do require a minimum commitment of 3 hours per week. This ensures proper scheduling for client activities.​​  Here are many ways you can donate your time at Pegasus Springs.

*PSTRC does not swap riding time for volunteering.  Minimum age to volunteer is 14 years old.

​Please RSVP by April 27.  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator Sue Diederichs @ 248-755-4039 call or text if you have any questions.

RSVP by April 27, 2024 for the Volunteer Open House

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​Any non-profit needs a support staff, and for an organization to thrive, the

partnership with it's volunteers is crucial to its' success.  Community members

just like you are making a difference in the lives of those we help.

There are many ways you can offer your time at Pegasus Springs!


Direct Horse Involvement Roles

  • Horse Leader 

  • Sidewalker

  • Barn Assistant 

Non-Horse Involvement Roles

  • *Office Assistant

  • *Web Design/IT

  • *Grant Writer

  • *Marketer 

  • *Fundraiser/Event  Planner 

  • Event Helper 

  • Property Maintenance

  • Volunteer Recruiting

*Starred roles require at least 1 year of previous experience. 

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