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They Hold the Key!

Without our herd, we could not exist to offer the unique services that gives so many riders and our military veterans HOPE!  Each horse or pony has a special gift of helping our clients with physical strengthening, coordination, confidence and freedom.

The cost to care for each equine at our facility goes much farther than hay. Some expenses are:

  • Veterinary Care & Vaccinations

  • Hay, Feeds, wormers and Supplements

  • Fly Masks, Fly Spray & Fly Predators to control flies

  • Stable supplies, such as manure forks, wheelbarrows, grooming tools

  • Pine shavings for winter warmth

The average cost per horse each year is $ 2,100, or $175 each month

Ways you can help:
Cash or Check
Tractor Supply gift cards & e-gift certificates*
Amazon Smile!
            *as little as $5, use our email address:

holly 4.jpg

Other items currently needed:

Saddles* & other tack needs
*we do take donations of saddles, but for proper fit on each of our horses, we require full quarter horse bars with rounded skirts or english saddles in good condition

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